Wonder If You Need A Smart Watch?

Gone are the days when people used to keep pocket watches, this would be an appropriate opening line if it was early 2000s. In today’s fast paced world, anything that’s not smart is a waste and so is your basic wrist watch. Let’s discuss some of the reasons that make smart watch an essential accessory in your closet. A good smart watch consists of several amazing features that makes your life even more convenient. However, as the craze of smart watches in India rose up a lot companies have started introducing their rendition. Now watches are not used only to tell the time, they have become smart and they surely offer a lot more.

 It’s the course of fashion

Soon after people have accepted smartphones and made it household thing, wrist watches started to lose its charm and popularity. It is quite obvious that when a phone is telling you the time, and it also consists of calendar as well as an alarm you don’t need a wrist watch. However, people who are particular about their looks prefer to wear a watch in order to carry it like a stylish accessory. This made it necessary for the watch industry to level up and get back in their game. Hence, smartwatches took birth and they provide its owner the missing X factor in basic wrist watches. This doesn’t mean that smartwatches do not offer the basic features of digital wrist watches. Earlier, people who have a keen interest in new technology and gadgets used to own a smart watch but now it has been accepted by a wider niche. 

 Track your health

 What is a smartwatch without special features related to fitness? To be quite frank, the answer is NO. If we speak of the best smart watches available in India, most of them consists of fitness tracker as prominent feature. Many fitness freaks have made smartwatches their essential gear and it is something that they carry all the time. Modern smart watches can keep a track of your calories, heart rate, sleep, as well as pulse rate. Along with that there are several other major parameters of health that are tracked by a good smart watch. In order to count number of walked steps for brisk walkers and power runners, smart watches also keep track of the covered distance.

Believe it or not if you do the things mentioned above with your smart phone, you might end up wasting a lot of time. There is a simple reason behind it, smart phones create distractions and you end up losing focus from the real thing. Now when you are completely aware of the smart watches and advantages it brings along. Some of the available brands that also have the water and dust resistant features in their smart watches are loved by the users from all over the world.

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