Styx NEO Smartwatch - My New Health Assistant!!

There is no such thing as good time or bad time buddy, either it keeps on ticking or it stops ticking. Given the stress in today’s life, you never know when your watch ends on this soil. Apparently, you need a smartwatch for the same reason.     

Styx offers the most accurate health & fitness activity tracker smart watch you have ever seen. Our concern for your health made us walk an extra mile to design a cheap smart watch with premium features.           
This compatible Bluetooth smartwatch comes in so handy that it gives you control over the music you play and the photos you click on your phone.
As you more than need a constant report of how you are doing, Styx health tracker smart watch comes with temperature sensor, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring system. This will help you maintain your lifestyle if it is up to mark or make changes to the same if needed.
Apart from easy to fit & multiple watch-face feature, Styx marks as the best smartwatch for women specific health tracking.
Lastly, it’s not just the features of the smartwatch that matter but also the appeal they bring to the table. Just try it on for yourself and it will make you tick for a fit & grit lifestyle inevitably well.

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